Our Story

Inspired by the fight against climate change and food poverty, The Hub G63 was born from concerned people deciding to take achievable action together... and it’s grown pretty rapidly! Read more>>>

In September 2019, we set up ​Neighbourfood G63 Balfron​, which brings local producers together in one easy-to-use online market. We are proud to say that Neighbourfood generated £79,000 for local food producers in the first 12 months and we’ve developed an awesome community of volunteers in the process. ​

In March 2020 when lock-down hit, people couldn’t access shopping staples or food deliveries. However, as Neighbourfood uses only local producers, with no long and complex supply chains, we were able to provide customers with vegetables, bread, yeast, flour, eggs and milk when no one else could! This made us even more determined to strengthen the resilience of our local food system.

In June 2020 we set up shop and took over the lease for the ​Drymen Village Shop (now The Village Hub)​. As well as newspapers and postcards, we provide zero-waste staples such as rice, pasta, muesli (and chocolate!), but also zero-waste shampoo, washing up liquid, laundry detergent (it turns out that when you’re not paying for plastic packaging, items are cheaper). We also sell specialist items from ethical and environmental suppliers. Have a look here>>>.

Wild G63​ was set up by foragers Ruth, Rox and Lauren and this has developed into a Wild Food Festival and events.

Our next project is ​The Grow Garden ​where we want to grow our own fruit and veg to sell on the NeighbourFood market. We will also give 20% of the produce away for free to local families. Having our own site gives us a chance to use innovative regenerative growing techniques and involve the community in Open Days and workshops.

Our Mission

We want everyone to have access to ​food​ that is healthy for them, for the local economy and for the planet we all share.

We want to make growing food a ​community​ activity that everyone can take part in, learn from and enjoy.

We want food to be a key part of our journey towards a more sustainable​ way of living.

Our People

Our People

We are a social enterprise and community interest group with one operations manager, Ruth, a team of Directors, an administrator and lots of lovely volunteers.

We have come together as part of the wider global environmental movement and our aim is to engage and support the community to live sustainably by creating better options locally.

We will be adding more information here soon.

Our Funders

Our Funders

We have been supported by the following organisations:

Our Network

Our Network

Our work is made possible because we are part of a readily expanding list of suppliers who want to fight climate change.

More info coming soon.