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Courgette cake recipe

This quick cake is what I make when the courgettes are threatening to get out of hand - it is deliciously squidgy with a nice kick of lime and beautifully speckled with green.  

It uses 2-3 small to medium courgettes, chunkily grated, but doesn’t taste of courgette at all - instead, like carrot cake, the vegetable keeps it light and tasty.

It is a very forgiving cake - staying fresh for a few days. It also freezes beautifully so you can make a few cakes and stash them in the freezer to bring out long after the courgettes have finished.

You can also slice it before freezing - squashing the slices back together and wrapping them up - then its easy to take out a slice of two for a treat without having to eat the whole cake..

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Make your own potato tower from old pallets

On Saturday 29th May, Nick (one of our Grow Ambassadors) was joined by six enthusiastic workshop-goers in constructing wooden ‘towers’ for growing potatoes in, using pallets. The idea is that, as potato plants need soil mounded around their stems as they grow, the wooden towers housing the potatoes are built up (and the soil within them) as the potatoes grow - they’re ideal where garden soil might not be the best for growing potatoes in, and potatoes are much easier to harvest by hand, so damage by garden forks (often used for harvesting potatoes grown in the ground) can be avoided. The harvesting process is also quite fun!

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The Grow garden - Spring Update

Grow G63 is a fantastic asset to our local community. Our vision is that it will become the heart of community food growing and sharing. With regular workshops, skill shares and other events, it will become a place where we can learn and gain experience, increase our awareness of the climate emergency in relation to how we grow food and use land, provide practical local solutions and actions, and improve mental and physical wellbeing.

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Why is gardening good for you?

Anyone who gardens regularly will tell you how good it is for their wellbeing.

Being outside, nurturing living things, being in tune with the seasons.  I think that we can all understand how that works.  

But is there any scientific proof?

Well it turns out that there is...

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